About us...

The Tidewater Mopar Club (TMC) was founded in 1986 in Hampton, Virginia. We are members of the Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council (VPCCC), the Car Club Council of Central Virginia (CCCCVA) and the Virginia Association of Car Councils (VAACC).  

TMC is a family oriented organization with approximately 200 members of all ages and backgrounds.  We are dedicated primarily to the preservation and restoration of old and new vehicles belonging to the Chrysler and American Motors families.  We exist solely for the people of this area (called either Tidewater or Hampton Roads...near Norfolk, VA), so that we may have the opportunity to share our interests, information, and experiences with fellow owners/enthusiasts of Chrysler/AMC products through mutual friendships.

Our intent is to offer an organization that is comprehensive, progressive, and fun; and to provide our members with informative newsletters, technical advice, discounts on parts and services, and a wide variety of enjoyable meetings, gatherings and events. Ownership of a Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Desoto, Jeep, Eagle, Ram, SRT or AMC is NOT required for membership consideration into TMC!

Our club is run for, and by, the people it serves through an elected board of officers who are interested in your ideas, participation and expertise.  We offer many interesting activities throughout the year, including swap meets, cruises, parties, and our own MOPAR MADNESS car show, shine and swap meet.  

Come join us and be a part of this growing and exciting club!
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TMC monthly meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at Tidewater Community College Regional Automotive Center, 600 Innovation Drive, Chesapeake, VA.  The meetings start at 7:00 p.m., and are usually over by 8:30 p.m.

TMC would like to thank our generous sponsors:
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POC:  Steve Cauffiel
Phone:  844-462-3494
TMC member discount:
  None at this time
POC:  Steve Richardson
Phone:  757-286-0711
TMC member discount 5% off a Fishing Charter
POC:  Glenn Davis, Owner
Phone:  757-437-7800
TMC member discount 10% off Parts & Labor

POC:  Ron Clark
Phone:  757-754-8498
TMC member discount:  Free home warranty for buyers and sellers
POC:  Charlie Daniels, Owner
Phone:  757-356-1156
TMC member discount:  Up to a 10% on labor

(no website link)
POC:  Harry Paul, President
Phone:  757-486-5896
TMC member discount:  10% off Parts & Labor

POC:  Hank Fassler, Owner
Phone:  757-498-3051
TMC member discount:  10% off Parts & Labor

POC:  Abby Meeks, General Manager
Butch Hora, SRT and Droptop Custom Rep
Phone:  757-498-2200 (Abby),
​757-498-2386 (Butch)
TMC member discount: 10% off Parts and Labor


POC:  Vinny Conte
Phone:  757-335-1940
TMC member discount:  TBA

(no website link)
POC:  Kurt Bosh, Owner
Phone:  757-424-1440
TMC member discount:  10% off labor


POC:  Angela Brown
Phone:  757-651-9306
TMC member discount:  10% off

POC:  Jack Minks
Phone:  757-545-3019
TMC member discount:  15% off

POC:  Brad Hardison
Phone:  757-422-5012
TMC member discount:  10% off

POC:  John Snyder
Phone:  757-350-1488
TMC member discount:
  $25 off full program

POC:  John D. Dwyer
Phone:  757-473-1699
TMC member discount:  10% off services


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